10 Nostalgic Vintage & Antique Replica Manual Coffee Grinders & Mills

This article shows beautiful images of 10 antique reproduction coffee grinders and coffee mills.

I just happen to think these things are very cool. They are definitely conversation starters and can accent any décor. Not only are they beautiful but they still work.

In a statement of the blindingly obvious, you must be a coffee connoisseur or enthusiast to be reading this article. Almost everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee, but some people (including you and me), take it to a new level. Instead of just a hot drink to get your motor running in the morning, we take it to the level of hobby or even further into passion.

People collect all sorts of things one passion strikes them. For the coffee enthusiast it is not uncommon to see a collection of coffee mugs, a coffee log recording all the great coffees they have tried, coffee T-shirts, and the topic of this post  – coffee grinders.

Collecting genuine wine antique coffee grinders can be a hobby or a passion. Fortunately, some really interesting coffee grinders and conversation pieces are available for somewhat reasonable prices in the $100-$1000 range. Of course, like anything it can be extremely expensive if you are collecting original condition antique floor model “first of” type of coffee mills.

We wrote this post for the person who simply wants to have a really cool looking coffee grinder and is not quite to the antique collectible level yet.

The coffee grinders I have selected are modern takes of classical looks in the function extremely well.

Take a look, and I guarantee this will get your creative juices flowing. One of these would certainly look great on your kitchen counter.

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Okay let’s get to those beautiful manual coffee grinders and coffee mills.

12 great Coffee Beans

# 1. Dewel Manual Coffee Grinder

 Manual Coffee Grinder, DEWEL Vintage Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill Household Small Cast Iron Hand Crank Grinding Machine for Coffee Bean / Spice with Grind Settings and Powder Drawer

We decided to start off with a replica coffee mill of the type that would’ve been produced in the weight 1800s for your household. To me, this just screams vintage. A couple of the buyers said they don’t even use it they bought it as a decorative item, it looks that good.

We like this coffee grinder because it doesn’t look like they scrimped on the materials the flywheel is cast-iron and it’s built of actual pine wood. It has a very mechanical work which I love.

In terms of function it is a ceramic burr coffee grinder which is the type most recommended for consistent grinds. The coarseness of the grind is adjustable which is a very important feature that is often lacking on some of the replicas.

# 2. Universal Housewares Gourmet Cast Iron Coffee Grinder

Almost at the other end of the spectrum from dark Sumatra coffee are Yiracheffe beans from Ethiopia.  I bought some of these beans from my friendly local

 Universal Housewares Gourmet Cast Iron Coffee Grinder

This is another take on a gourmet coffee grinder utilizing the flywheel as its major design component. This Universal Housewares model is actually one of the most popular on Amazon. The coffee grind is adjustable from fine to very coarse, which is a critical feature. The manufacturer simply describes the features as being a covered bean hopper, and adjustable grinding wheel and a wooden coffee grinds for.

Taking a deeper look at the 80+ customer reviews and questions more information is revealed. While this might not be as refined a look at some of the other grinders we will present, it is made solidly. The parts are all either cast-iron or wood.

This grinder garnered a 3.9 out of five star rating. While not being a stellar performer, it does perform its intended function fairly well. Some complaints were of the coffee sprinkling outside the drawer hopper the making it necessary to clean up every time you use it. Also there is quite a bit of hand cranking involved.

# 3. Foruchoice Manual Coffee Grinder “Amazon’s Choice Award”

 Foruchoice Manual Coffee Grinder Antique Cast Iron Hand Crank Coffee Mill With Grind Settings & Catch Drawer 12.5 x 12.5 x 26 cm

This antique cast-iron hand crank coffee Mill has the distinction of being an “Amazons choice” award winner. It has over 50 customer reviews and answered questions, and scored a respectable 4.2 out of five stars.

Once again I selected this coffee grinder because of the old world, late 1800s styling. It would make a nice display piece and actually functions fairly well. One thing to know though is that the grinder mechanism itself is a cheaper plastic rather than ceramic. There were however, no complaints about it breaking or not performing well.

The grind coarseness is adjustable by rotating a cog nut on the handle. This will allow you to change the grind from fine to very coarse. One criticism of the unit that had me laughing was a complaint you had to turn the crank. It is a HAND GRINDER of course you have to turn the crank. I kind of get what they were saying though in that some grinders you have to do an awful lot of cranking to get the job done. This one had many more compliments on its efficiency than complaints.

There are several compliments on it sturdiness but appearance wise it probably won’t for anybody into believing it is the antique. You’ll have to be the judge of that.

# 4. Peugeot BresilAntique Coffee Mill

I think you would have to come from outer space to say you love coffee and have never heard of Hawaiian Kona coffee beans. Actual Kona coffee is produced in

 Peugeot Antique Coffee Mill, 8-1/4″ x 5″ x 5″

It is time now to show you a different style of coffee grinder. The previous three models have been the flywheel style. Now we’re getting into hand cranked machines.

This Peugeot coffee Mill is offered in several different finishes. One of these will surely fit your design décor. The finish shown above is the Beechwood, which is my favorite. It is also available in walnut, which is a darker finish; a slate gray; and ivory or antique white color; and a natural or unfinished look (which to me looks like Pine). To tell you the truth, I really like the beechwood look. To me it looks more lived in and antique.

This coffee grinder is very popular on Amazon with almost 90 reviews and answered questions. It scored a respectable 4.1 out of five stars. The hopper capacity is a bit larger than previous model shown. It will hold about 1/4 of a 12 ounce bag of coffee. Oddly enough, the drawer does not match the hopper capacity and you will be emptying it a couple times.

Some points made by reviewers were that it provides a more uniform grind than others, and some believed it work just as well is very expensive electric burr grinders. This is a great grinder to use if you’re into using a French press to make your coffee. It grinds for that purpose really well.
All in all people were very satisfied with his grinder. It looks good and does its job well.

# 5. 3E Manual Canister Burr Coffee Mill Grinder

For some crazy reason when I think of Jamaican BlueMountain coffee, I immediately think of being on the Caribbean beach watching the sunrise with a

 3E Home Manual Canister Stainless steel Burr Coffee Mill Grinder, Stainless Steel Top, and Antique Copper Body

This is a wildly popular coffee grinder and is well reviewed. It is a stainless steel canister model that has an antique looking Copper body. I think the look is really unique. Not only that, but the price point is low and I think it is a great value.

It is a bird type coffee grinder, which is the type of are looking for. This particular model uses stainless steel burrs as opposed to plastic or ceramic. The grinder mechanism should hold up really well for a long period of time. It is fully adjustable and allows you to select the degree of fineness of your grind. This is a feature we come to expect.

Functionally, buyers commented that the grinder works very, very well. Everyone loved the look of it which I believe is a real selling point. There were, however, to tics against it. The first is the little door were coffee beans are added is small. You might be spilling beans on the counter if you’re not careful. The second inconvenience note it was the fact that you have to hold the top down while grinding.

To tell you the truth, I have a really nice electric grinder which I use for day-to-day function. But I really like the look of this and might pick one up just for display and decor piece. How about you?

# 6. This is a spice grinder! Turkish Handmade Grinder 3.0”, Spice Grinder, Salt Grinder, Pepper Mill

WARNING This is a spice grinder, not a coffee grinder!


DANGER: I read somewhere that you can use these manual grinders not only for coffee beans puffer spices. I love to grind whole peppercorns. The flavor is so much fresher. But , beware … I used my manual grinder to grind pepper and it was never the same again! I could not get the pepper taste out. I ended up having to buy a new coffee grinder. If you want to grind spices, use this instead .

Turkish Handmade Grinder 3.0”, Spice Grinder, Salt Grinder, Pepper Mill (Antique Gold)

Although it is pictured with coffee beans, you would go bananas using this to grind your coffee. Check the dimensions (1.5 x 1.5 x 3 inche) and capacity. It is, however a cool thing to have on your tabletop to allow people to hand grinder own pepper.

As previously stated, we included this grinder for those who may have an itch to use their coffee grinder for spices. As of this writing the price of this spice grinder was under $10.

This Turkish handmade grinder is available in a number of different finishes. Pictured is the antique gold finish. It also comes in a silver finish, a dark silver finish, a light copper finish and a darker antique copper finish. With so many different finishes there is certainly one that’ll fit your table setting or kitchen decor.

This is a wildly popular item on Amazon with over 250 reviews. It garners 4.2 out of five stars. This indicates, that for what it is it does its job really, really well. As noted previously this is a small grinder it is 3 inches tall. It is made of all metal parts embossed and finished well.

There is a slider on top to put the spices in. The bottom does not have holes in it so you will not be grinding directly onto food or surface. There is a little metal dish that collects the ground spices that is then detached it you can sprinkle it where you like.

# 7. Hand Crank Manual Canister Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder Mill

 3E Home 23 – 2300 Hand Crank Manual Canister Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder Mill,Stainless Steel Top and Solid Wood Body,4.5” x 4.5” x 8.2”, Brown

This is a bit it of a different look and is distinctive from the other grinders we looked at. Buyers were split on the quality of this grinder It seems to me to have a bit of quality to it even though it is at an extremely low price point (cheap). Other stated that when you get up close to it, it looks cheap. Well, pricewise it is. It is constructed with a solid Wood body and stainless steel on top. It is compact, slim, and lightweight.

This grinder also features stainless steel Burr mechanism. This allows precise control over your grind from fine to coarse. Just be aware you will not be able to get super fine ground coffee. That’s usually not a negative because most people were using hand grinders are looking for a coarser grind.

# 8. Vomach Manual Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Adjustable

 Vomach Manual Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Adjustable Grinder Durable Coffee Bean Grinder

To tell you the truth, I couldn’t figure out whether this looked antique or not. It sure looks solid and it sure looks mechanical. This was voted as Amazons ”number one new release”.

I can believe it since in short order it acquired nearly 200 reviews with an average 4.9 out of five star rating. That rating is bizarrely good. 98% customers gave it a flat out five stars. They must be doing something right and I think the looks have something to do with it.

It is a gray metallic color and fairly compact. There is no mystery about how to use pour the beans on top turn the crank and you’re done. As with almost all these grinders you can control the coarseness of your grind. It has a 90 day no questions asked, for any reason, refund policy. But with those ratings I doubt anybody has returned it.

Here is a typical sample 5 star review:
“Excellent product! We ordered this manual grinder to replace a very expensive automatic grinder that broke upon first use. Put off by the experience with the automatic grinder, we turned to the Vomach manual. Last night I ground and entire bag of beans. Ease of use is amazing – no plugs, no buttons. I was also able to get the grounds to the precise coarseness needed for use with my Chemex. I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to simplify their coffee brewing process.”

# 9. Hario Canister Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder/Mill

 Hario Canister Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder/Mill

At first glance, this is not exactly what comes to my mind when thinking about an antique coffee grinder. But as I looked at it, it started to grow on me. It reminded me of those old-school Mason jars with an old-fashioned coffee grinder mechanism clamped on. Old-school to me means antique, so we included it in the list.

This is another wildly popular hand coffee grinder. It has almost 300 reviews with a respectable 4.1 out of five star rating. The capacity is 120 g which for me, is a good thing. Using my home coffee roaster I do batches of approximately 100 g at a time. I can pop the whole batch in their and grind it up at one shot.

I handy feature that a lot of people commented on was the fact that the bottom has a rubber coating which makes it fairly nonslip. Some buyers still like to do the old-school way of just holding it between your legs while grinding.

It was noted that the grounds are consistent in size and the grinding handle action is consistent without needing a whole lot of elbow grease. Don’t forget, this is a manual grinder you DO have to do some work. The grinds are perfect for a Chemex or French Press.

# 10. Zassenhaus “Santiago” Manual Coffee Mill

We saved the best for last.

 Zassenhaus “Santiago” Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill Zassenhaus Santiago Manual Coffee Mill, Black Stained Beech Wood Zassenhaus “Santiago” Coffee Mill Grinder Varnished Beech Wood

Why do I say I saved the best for last? In terms of design or decor the “best” is entirely a personal decision. But when it comes to function, I think different elements come into play and that’s where this grinder truly excels.

I don’t think of this is a hand grinder is more of a precision instrument. It is made in Germany with fine craftsmanship. They backup their claims to quality with a 25 year guarantee on the grinding mechanism, arguably the most important part of a coffee grinder. The manufacturer is been around since 1867.
Quality comes with a bit of a price, but there are always folks will pay a good price for the finest quality. Witness the fact that this grinder has over 80 customer reviews and is rated 4.3 out of five stars.

One customer stated

“I have a Zazsenhaus that I have had for more than 20 years and it still works great so for my vacation home I needed a better grinder so I knew what to buy…another Zassenhaus. I use a French press and it grinds the beans perfectly.”

What Is The Difference Between A Mill And A Grinder?

Most people use the terms interchangeably but technically there is a difference in the way each one will grind coffee. The first one and two wheel store model coffee mills were patented in the early 1870s. Not long after smaller versions were made for home use.

Basically a mill is the process of forcibly pressing something through a sieve. When I was a child I remember my grandmother had this utensil that look like a potato ricer. But instead of a press that would squish the tomatoes through the sieve there was a wide bladed corkscrew type affair. As you turn the handle the food would be pressed under the corkscrew and through the sieve. I remember her using it to make applesauce and mashed potatoes.

The very first coffee mills had these huge flywheels on. I have handled them in these things are heavy and cast-iron they develop quite a force which I believe was necessary to crush and force those beans through a sieve.

A grinder however, works in one of two ways:

The Blade Grinder. This is actually a chopper which chops food and spices or in this case coffee into very small fragments. The operating mechanism is a blade which is similar to a propeller or blade you would find in a food blender. The blade whirls around and chop stuff up. The huge disadvantage is the size of the particles are very inconsistent which is not good for brewing coffee. You have to eyeball it. They are not recommended, but they are cheap, as little as $10.

The second type of grinder is called a burr grinder. This is categorically the recommended type of coffee grinder. Basically, the coffee is “rubbed” against the burrs that are the abrasive that sticks out of the metal plates of ceramic cones.

There are two types of burr grinders:

  1. Conical Burr Grinder. This grinder has two cones, usually ceramic between which the coffee is forced. Visualize two ice cream cones nested together. The cone you can hold in your hand is stationary. Picture putting some coffee beans in that cone and putting the second cone on top. While holding one cone spin the second, rapidly and the abrasives on the inside of the cone euro holding in the outside of the second cone will crush the coffee.
  2. Plate Grinder. The flat plate grinder works in pretty much the same way. Instead of two ice cream cones, visualize two pancakes. One is stationary one is spinning. You get the idea.


10 Nostalgic Vintage & Antique Replica Manual Coffee Grinders & MillsWe hope you enjoyed our pectoral post on antique and vintage reproduction manual coffee grinders in coffee mills. I am a firm believer in the idea that if you’re going to have something that functions, why not make it look good?

Our purpose was not to necessarily give comprehensive reviews of each item but rather to present the look in a few salient points.

As we have shown there is a wide variety of styles available. These are all reproductions because our article was geared toward practicality and availability. There is however, a whole realm of true vintage and antique coffee grinder collectibles. There are several websites of avid collectors devoted entirely to this hobby.

There you have it. This is List is a great starting point for generating some decor and practical design ideas.

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