Coffee Hacks: Making Coffee Without A Coffee Maker Or Filter

In this post, we’re going to do away with those fancy-schmancy see coffee makers and filters.

Coffee Hacks: Making Coffee Without A Coffee Maker Or FilterI was chuckling to myself when I was envisioning this post. I pictured big burly guys sitting around a campfire saying “Now, this is Real coffee. This’ll put hair on your chest.”

But, on a more serious and practical side, people have been making coffee for hundreds of years. They didn’t always have these super-duper electronic espresso machines with 28 settings. How did they do it?

Well will be tackling both problems and then put the two of them together to see if we can come up with some solutions

How do you make coffee without a coffee maker? How do you make coffee without a filter? How do you make coffee without a coffee maker or a filter?

Well, read on, more will be revealed.

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Making Coffee Without A Coffee Maker.

Method #1 – For this method, you will need a strainer of some type. Boil up your water. Figure on 8 ounces for each cup of coffee that you want. Add your coffee to the hot water. If you are using ground coffee, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 8 ounces of hot water. Add your coffee to the hot water. Let the coffee steep and soak in the hot water the average recommended time is three minutes if you want stronger coffee you can steep it a little bit longer. Run the coffee and water mixture through a strainer, you’re ready to go.

Method #2 – Make A Coffee Bag.

The object of the exercise is to make something that looks like a teabag or spice bag that chefs will add to soups or stocks You’re going to fill your little bag with coffee. You’ll need a filter for this, or a piece of cheesecloth but you will not need a coffee maker.

  • Scoop a minimum of 2 tablespoons of coffee, preferably three into the center of your coffee filter.
  • Scrunch the sides up so that you form a pocket with the coffee in the center.
  • Take a piece of string and securely tie off the bundle.
  • Leave a little extra string for your coffee bag dunking handle.
  • Pour your hot water directly over the bundle and what it steep for three or four minutes.

You don’t really have to stir it but the temptation to start dunking is almost irresistible.

Making Coffee Without A Coffee Filter

Method #1 – Sitting around the campfire. This method of making coffee is really old school. You just need a pan, a campfire, water, and coffee. The ratio of coffee to water is the same as above, about 1 to 2 tablespoons per 8 ounce cup (I preferred closer to 2 tablespoons). Now the trick with this method is you’re going to have to add some extra water. So if you’re using 32 ounces of water, add an extra one “for the pot”. The methodology is simple put the water in the pan, boil it, and add your coffee. The trick now is to remove the coffee from the fire right away and let it sit undisturbed. You want the grounds to settle into the bottom of the pan. Now, gently pour off the coffee that is on the top. Or, if you happen to have a little handy later what from the top. You do not need a strainer (although the last person to get their cup of coffee will probably get some grounds.

Helpful Tip: of course you can adapt this method for home use. You don’t really HAVE to be sitting around the campfire. Just boil the water on the stove and pour or ladle off coffee as directed above..


Method #2 – Improvising a filter. Some people might think this is cheating because we are going to use a filter, but we are not to use one of those paper filters. This method is ideal if you suddenly find yourself without paper filters. This is simply a variation on “poor through” coffee methods Such as using a Chemex pour through coffee system. You are going to need a piece of cloth, such as a piece of a T-shirt, a handkerchief, or cheesecloth. This will act as your filter. The important part of this method is to secure the cloth to the container in such a way that it will form a pocket to hold the coffee but not fall into the coffee itself. You can use clothes pins, a thick rubber band or office paper clamps.

Slowly pour the water into the coffee grounds and let it seep through. Stop several times to allow the coffee to absorb the moisture.


Check out this video: How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

The Solution That Solves Both The Problems At The Same Time.

A simple solution for making absolutely great coffee without electricity or filters is to use a French press. ! have written an extensive post about how to use French presses. I have also reviewed a complete French press bundle which we use to make all our coffee now.

1 have solved the problems of having to keep paper filters constantly in hand and have eliminated the need for drip coffee maker.

For some crazy reason, I was resistant to using a French press. I don’t know, maybe it sounded too complicated. But since I am now documenting my journey to becoming a true coffee enthusiast, I simply had to give it a try.

Here is the down and dirty, it makes a fantastic cup of coffee much better than any automatic drip coffee maker I’ve ever tried. I still keep my little 4 cup drip coffee maker but use it exclusively for a hot plate to keep my French press made coffee warm.


Writing in researching this post was a bit of a lark for me. I love coffee so much I could not picture myself in a position to be without it.

As I started thinking about it, people are been drinking coffee for a long time without all the fancy gear. Maybe it is time to get back to basics. Maybe it is a case of forgetting how things were done originally. Sometimes old ways are the best ways.

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