How To Flavor Coffee Beans At Home

How To Flavor Coffee Beans At Home

I’ve got a secret. Even though I regard myself as a bit of a coffee snob, I do enjoyed flavored coffee every now and then.

How To Flavor Coffee Beans At HomeSo do millions of other people or Starbucks would go out of business. In this post, were going to give you some guidelines on how to flavor coffee beans at home. We’re going to delve into the possibility of using coffee flavoring oils, coffee being flavoring syrups, and even how to infuse coffee beans with whiskey.

If your home coffee roaster, we will explain how to add flavoring to the coffee beans during the roasting process. If you’re not roasting your own beans, not to worry. You can put a twist on your favorite coffee by adding the flavor and pumping up a notch.

In This Post: we are talking about the process of flavoring the coffee beans themselves. We are not talking about adding flavorings such as syrups to coffee drinks after brewing.

How To Flavor Coffee Beans

Coffee Bean Flavoring Background

Flavored coffee has become a whole new way of enjoying the world famous beverage. Flavors are so vast that any individual will surely find something to match his taste. A flavored coffee bean makes a good tasting coffee. It has quite an enticing character when compared to the traditional coffee, making people crave more.

A flavored coffee bean may seem like such a new innovation for most people, but it is actually a very old tradition. It just wasn’t commercialized until recently.

Ancient people actually started putting flavors to coffee. It all started with the first known flavored coffee drinkers, the Arabs. They used to spice up their coffee with cinnamon. The Middle East inhabitants, however, added clove, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper and other spices. Then, succeeding innovations included chocolates, spirits, and citrus peels. It was the Westerners, however, who introduced the idea of adding sugar and cream.

The many varieties of a flavored coffee bean available today can already be classified into basic groups. There are vanilla-based flavors, chocolate-based flavors, fruit- and nut based flavors and of course, the spice-based flavors.

It’s actually very easy to add flavoring when roasting coffee beans. After the beans come out of the roaster, you’ll add the coffee bean oil flavor according to the manufacturer’s directions. If you are using flavorings from the Coffee Bean Flavor Shop, they recommend using 1 to 3 teaspoons per pound of coffee.

WARNING: do not add flavoring to coffee beans before roasting. The oil should never go in your roaster. Flavor is added afterwards. Don’t do it.


You can apply the flavoring using one of those cheap picnic ketchup bottles. Squirt it around and then toss the beans to mix them. Leave them out for 30 minutes to an hour to absorb flavor then store as you normally would.

Check out the quick video on How To Flavor Coffee Beans

How To Flavor Roasted Coffee Beans Bought In The Store

Previously, we outlined the procedure for adding coffee flavoring to fresh roasted beans. Surprisingly, once you have the coffee being flavoring oil in hand. You can flavor any coffee bean even if you did not roast them yourself.

The process is the same! Add the flavoring, toss the beans to distribute the flavor and store them. Easy Peasy. You’re done. There is a devilish urgent me to make this sound more complicated than it is. But the fact is, it’s not complicated at all.

You can buy your favorite bag of already roasted Colombian coffee and kick it up a notch with some flavoring.

The critical factor is buying proper coffee bean oil flavoring. We will give you some sources down below.

The Most Popular Coffee Bean Flavors

In the early ‘80s, coffee flavor choices were minimal and less-than-desirable to consumers. There was amaretto, irish cream, brandy, vanilla and chocolate flavored coffees sold in small quantities to local specialty roasters. The aroma to these early flavored coffees was slightly “medicinal.” The taste of flavored coffees was not all that enjoyable.

The most popular coffee flavors by 1988 were:

1. Hazelnut
2. Vanilla
3. Chocolate
4. Amaretto
5. Irish crème

How To Flavor Coffee Beans At HomeThe most popular coffee flavors in 2012 wereThe next list I discovered of the most popular coffee bean flavorings was about five years old. I really don’t think too much is changed. As I was listing these I was fighting a sudden urge to jump in the car ahead to Starbucks.

1. French Vanilla
2. Crème Brûlée
3. Highlander Grog
4. Irish Cream
5. Hazelnut
6. Amaretto
7. Caramel Mocchiato
8. Double Chocolate
9. Chocolate Raspberry
10. Biscotti
11. Sweet Cream
12. Crème De Menthe
13. Chocolate Mint

As you can see, flavors that were popular 30 years ago are still popular today. Some flavors simply go well with coffee.

Caramel is popular in the U.S. and Amaretto sells well in Europe. According to Colleen Roberts, director of sales at Flavor Dynamics, Hazelnut, Vanilla and Irish Crème continue to hold their position as the most popular flavors in the flavored coffee industry. Some flavored coffee retailers offer the top three and select flavor profiles that might represent the season, such as, chocolates in the first quarter and spice flavors in throughout the fall.

Coffee Flavoring Oils For Sale: Here Is Where You Can Buy Coffee Bean Flavoring Oil

Perhaps this is the most difficult part about flavoring coffee beans. You have to locate the specialty oils which are needed to produce good results. Don’t expect to grab some peppermint or coconut flavor off the shelf at a grocery store and sprinkle it on coffee beans and expect good results. It just won’t happen.

Coffee bean oils are specifically designed not only to impart a highly concentrated flavor, but to withstand high heat application.

Coffee Bean Flavoring Oils – this shop caters to both the home coffee bean roaster and commercial coffee bean roasters. In doing a little research on the company, I discovered they have a professional flavorist who has traveled the world researching and discovering sources for flavors. They also provided the videos used in this post. These guys have just about every flavor imaginable under the sun. I mean it. A ton of flavors.

The next site “Best Flavors” – specializes in natural coffee and tea flavorings. They do not have near the variety of the previous site, and they appear to market to home brewers.

How To Infuse Bourbon Whiskey Flavor Into Coffee Beans

The simplest way to infuse Bourbon whiskey flavor into coffee beans is simply to buy Bourbon coffee being flavor oil. The Coffee Bean Flavor Shop listed above carries that particular flavor. You would just proceed is adding any other flavor to the coffee being.

Now to flip things around:

How can you add coffee flavor to your whiskey?

That is a bit of a different proposition altogether. We are leaving the realm of the coffee roaster and getting into the realm of the brewer or distiller.

However we will be glad to explain how it’s done. Again it is a very simple process. Simply take a fifth (750 ml) of your favorite Bourbon and add 4 ounces of espresso beans. Espresso beans are highly recommend it because they are less bitter and have a darker roast. There is a greater chance of getting a nice coffee flavor infused in your Bourbon.

After combining the Bourbon in coffee beans let them sit to infuse for at least six hours at room temperature. Strain out the beans and you’re good to go with your favorite cocktail. This is probably best simply served over ice or straight up, neat.


As a result of researching this article and I discovered the rich history of flavored coffee beans. My mouth also started to water in urges for a hazelnut coffee were stirred up. I think my coffee snobbyness was definitely taken down a notch.

I have been experimenting with different coffee beans, different methods of roasting, and different blends of coffee, why not different flavorings to add to coffee?

So many coffees, so little time.

Here’s wishing you success in good taste in your coffee endeavors.

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