low acid cofee for pregnant women

Is Low Acid Coffee A Solution For Pregnant or Nursing Moms?

Are you gloomy or perhaps terrified at the idea of having to give up coffee, even for the noble reason of motherhood? Has your friend, that wonderful cup of coffee turned traitor on you? Does it now provide acid burn, agita, upset tummy and throwing up?

Mommee CoffeeMommee CoffeeSo what’s a girl to do?

Why should moms be deprived of that glorious pick me up and boost of energy that a good cup of coffee provides? They shouldn’t. But almost all moms-to-be are especially conscious about what they are putting in their bodies. After all, what goes to mom goes to baby.

The question becomes how can women enjoy their cup of coffee, be safe and not feel guilty, and still have the feeling of controlling what goes in her body?

The good news is YES,  there is a solution. You CAN continue to enjoy your coffee. The solution is low acid coffee.Low acid coffee DOES allow women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or nursing, enjoy their coffee guilt free, and in a safer here healthier way, (with fewer upset tummies).

Three major benefits of low acid coffee for pregnant or nursing women:

  1. Decrease in upset stomachs. To put it quite simply, low acid coffee is easier on the stomach. Coffees acidity can irritate the stomach. This is especially true during pregnancy when it’s smarter and certainly more comfortable not to be doing anything that could be another cause for an upset stomach. Coffee that is high in acidity and caffeine can make symptoms associated with existing GERD worse.
  2. Healthier teeth. One of the measures of coffee acidity is the pH scale most coffee measures around a 5.0. Teeth begin to lose density, soften, and lose minerals around 5.5 pH. This means that excessive coffee drinking can be stripping your teeth.
  3. Keep Bones Healthy. As with teeth, acidic beverages and foods can cause a decrease in bone density. This is not a good thing in general, but during pregnancy you have to be thinking for two. Your babies bones may be developing in a hostile environment.

Low Acid Coffee Got A Bad Rap For A Couple Of Reasons

Mommee CoffeeMommee CoffeeUnfortunately, historically, low acid coffee is gotten a really bad rap. Why?

In the old days, low acid coffee was either a tasteless watered-down version of regular coffee or it tasted like it was made from burnt grounds in artificial chemical flavors.

One of the most important characteristics in developing flavorful coffee is the presence of the acid in the coffee. Ironically the most robust and flavorful coffees and darker roasting techniques tend to have the least acid.

So, it used to be, higher acid – higher taste, lower acid, lower taste

Nowadays technology in improved techniques have thankfully produced better tasting and healthier low acid coffee.

Low Acid Coffee: How Is It Made?

In the old days, removing the acid from coffee without removing the taste has been a problem i for 2 reasons.

  • Either chemical additives have been required – not a good thing when you’re watching what goes into your body. That made the coffee taste so bad
  • Or the mechanical extraction process had to be used that left the coffee so tasteless anyone who loves coffee wouldn’t even consider it.

Today, however, through good research and development, there are low-acid coffees on the market that actually taste good.

There are basically 3 ways great tasting low acid coffee is produced.

  1. Some coffee beans are just naturally lower in acid. Some suggestions are coffees shade grown coffee. A good rule of thumb is that lower acid levels are found in coffees grown at lower elevations. Some countries that produce natural coffee that is low in acid are Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia and Sumatra.
  2. The second is through the more modern manufacturing process which most producers really won’t talk about it calling it “proprietary”. The ‘dry process’ produces coffee beans with lower acid levels and sweet, earthy flavors.
  3. The third method is called cold brewing. You can do this at home quite simply or buy some fancy equipment

All of the acids are NOT removed from low-acid coffees. There are good acids that are left untouched. Low acid coffees are LOW in acid but not acid free. The acids that aid in digestion and the ones that give coffee its unique flavor are left alone.

Easily Make Cold Brewed Coffee Easily At Home: Taking 1 pound of ground coffee and 72 ox of cold water (1/2 gallon + 1 cup), stir them together cover and let sit for 24 hours. Filter out ground with a coffee filter, sieve or cheesecloth. This is a concentrate that will keep for 2-4 weeks – add hot water to make hot coffee or cold water to make ice coffee.

Low Acid Coffee for Pregnant and Nursing Women. Conclusion, Solution And Our Recommendations:

low acid cofee for pregnant womenLow-acid coffee that tastes great and still provides all of the known health benefits of coffee. Being pregnant, or nursing does not men necessarily mean you have to give up coffee. Also, once again, those who suffer from stomach-related health problems can enjoy coffee.

Once again, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee without hurting their sensitive tummies. Now, that is good news!

  • Low acid coffee is a no-brainer solution that has many benefits:
  • You can now find low acid coffee that tastes great.
  • It is great for those who are gluten sensitive lactose intolerant.
  • It helps reduce the occurrence of upset stomachs.
  • If you have existing GERD, it won’t be aggravated
  • The health benefits of coffee in general are not reduced by low acid coffee.
  • Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet, nothing else comes close.
  • It is perfect for people who have Celiac or Crohn’s disease

I could go on and on…but I won’t 🙂

Our Recommendation: Would you be psyched up about a great tasting low acid coffee that is made from organic fair trade beans and available in 4 different caffeine levels also? (decaf, ¼ caf, ½ caf, ,¾ caf, and full caffeine). Oh, the company was founded by a pregnant mom who got tired of sucky coffee. The name is Mommee Coffee.

Mommee Coffee - Half Caff, Low Acid Coffee | Whole Bean, Organic | Fair Trade, Water Processed - 12oz.Mommee Coffee – Half Caff, Low Acid Coffee | Whole Bean, Organic | Fair Trade, Water Processed – 12oz.

Coffee Lover’s Accessories:

Here are some gift ideas to help make your coffee experiences richer. We selected these gifts based on practicality and usefulness any coffee lover would appreciate.

1. Ground Coffee Dispenser. No need to measure every time.Designed to measure one tablespoon at a time, the dispenser can be used to place ground coffee directly into coffee makers or espresso machines. It is constructed to keep ground coffee fresh for maximum flavor, and the included base keeps counter tops clean of ground coffee spills. Holds up to half a pound of ground coffee. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

2. Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale An accurate scale is a must for precision coffee making and coffee bean roasting. This is a top seller. Precision Tare Button calculates the net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of any bowl or container.Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included) that automatically power-off after 2-minutes to preserve battery life. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

3. Grey Iced Coffee Maker – Travel Mug Pour hot coffee in – get iced coffee out. Make chilled iced coffee or tea in as little as 5 minutes, no ice needed and it works with any brewing method, including single cup machines, drip, and pour over methods 4 designer colors to choose from. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

4. Portable Cup Holder With Clamp – Durable, Portable, and Foldable! This is not cheap plastic – it is aluminum with great clamping power. It fits many sizes of cups and appears safe and secure when holding a 32oz filled cup, a mug (up to 3″ in diameter), a thermos, a water bottle, or a soda can. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

 Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser, Silver – 1/2 Pound Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black Zoku Grey Iced Coffee Maker, Travel Mug – Hot Coffee In – Iced Coffee Out Cup Holder Desk Clip Silver – Durable, Portable, and Foldable!

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