My New French Press Coffee Maker Arrived | Amazon’s Choice Reviewed

A primary reason I was drawn to the kitchen supreme coffee and tea maker bundle was the fact that it was picked as an “Amazons choice” for French press coffee maker.

The angle I took the picture at is Wonky. The cylinder is straight up and down not wider at the top.

When I shop on Amazon one of the first things I look at on the front page by the top of the listing is how many customer reviews it has. This gives an indication right off the bat about how popular it is. After reading through the product description, I might flip to the reviews to see what people are saying about it.

This French press coffee maker has almost 3000 reviews with over 150 answer questions. This indicates to me that without a doubt it is extremely popular. I also don’t think that Amazon will throw around the “Amazons Choice” sticker to an inferior product so the recommendation went a long way to distinguish this French press from the others in the pack.

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Completing my initial attraction and mean and making me read even further was the fact that it comes is a complete bundle. I like that. I once bought a $500 from Amazon with a remote control and found that it didn’t include the batteries for the remote and it drove me crazy, my hair nearly caught on fire. Complete is complete.

There was an unintended surprise in this French press set. Not only does it come with extra stainless steel filter screens, but you have the ability to “stack them” to provide far superior filtering capability than other French presses. This is a very important consideration as a big “knock” against French press coffee making is coffee grounds entering the coffee.

Okay let’s get to the meat and potatoes the issue.

French Press Coffee Maker

Welcome to our Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker review.

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Spoiler Alert: Put simply, I am over the moon with this French press. It is exactly what I was looking for in terms of quality and function. Most importantly, it really DOES make my coffee taste so much better. It is one of the best and most popular French Press coffee makers on the market. Who says so? The buyers. It has one of the highest star ratings of any French press coffee maker on Amazon.

When searching for items to review and to present to our readers, the top criteria we look for is it’s star rating. We use proprietary software that ranks items highest to lowest in terms of ratings.

This French Press boasts over 2,800 reviews with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5.  Not only has it become popular among coffee enthusiasts, but has garnered high marks for buyer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at what the Kitchen Supreme french Press does well, not so well & the benefits, features, as well as some pros and cons.

French Press Coffee Maker

Who Would Benefit From The Kitchen Supreme French Press?

Quite simply, anybody who’s looking for a truly superior cup of coffee would benefit from a French press. French Coffee & TeaMaker Complete Bundle | 34 Oz | Best Coffee Pot with Stainless Steel & Double German GlassFrench Coffee & TeaMaker Complete Bundle | 34 Oz | Best Coffee Pot with Stainless Steel & Double German GlassI had previously read reviews, articles, documentation about the superiority of the French press method of making coffee. But I had my doubts.

After all, you’re taking the same coffee bean, adding hot water and drinking it. How can the method of preparation improve on that? After all, I was perfectly happy with my little $20 for cup automatic drip coffee machine.

Boy was I wrong! The 1st cup I made out of my French press cause me to close my eyes as the angels sang. It really was so much better. The method of preparation DID make a huge difference. Lesson learned.

There might be two groups of people could benefit from this French press:

  • Those looking for something new. Being single, I was satisfied with my little 4 cup cheapo drip coffee maker for quite some time. As coffee became my hobby, I decided to step it up and try something new. This is a perfect French press set or somebody who is dipping their toe in the water of a new way of making coffee.
  • Those who are looking for an upgraded new French press. We will get into benefits and features shortly, but compared to most French press coffee makers on the market this is definitely an upgrade. It is made of higher quality materials and has the ability to stack the extra stainless steel filter screens that are included with a set superior filtering ability.

French press coffee to make once you have a little system in place. It is very low-tech since, as long as hot water is available you did not need electricity. For this reason, it’s great on camping trips or for use in an area where fire is available but electricity is not.

Similarly, for those traveling without guarantee of a coffee machine at their destination, a French press coffee jug can fit easily in your travel bag and ensures you can have a cup wherever you go. With the convenience, ease of use, and flavor that French press coffee making provides, it is sure to be a hit with you and your family.

Enhanced Filtration System For ‘Cleaner’ Coffee

French Coffee & Tea MakerFrench Coffee & Tea MakerWhen we say “cleaner” coffee, I hope it’s obvious were not talking about removing dirt and foreign matter. What we are talking about is the filtration’s systems ability to prevent coffee grounds, sludge, and sediment from entering the drinkable coffee.

One of the things that really drew me to this French press coffee set was the inclusion of extra filters. I didn’t really want to be bothered with ordering replacement filters.

However I was even more pleased to realize that while the fineness of the mesh is the same in each filter you can stack them to lessen the chance of any particles getting through. This is a huge advantage over other French press coffee makers. Especially because one of the objections some people have to French press coffee makers is the perception that coffee can easily slip by the filter and get into the drinkable coffee.

Helpful Tip: If coffee grounds are sediment is entering your coffee, it may be because the interior of the carafe was not clean. Another factor can be pushing the plunger down to quickly which can force the coffee through and around the screen. Lastly, the plunger itself may be damaged or worn to the point where it does not have a snug fit against the interior walls of the carafe.


During our research on the Kitchen Supreme French Coffee Press, we learned about the enhanced filtration system and in all honestly, this was a big eye catcher for us. It has the ability to handle one, two, three, or four screens which are part of the sturdy stainless steel construction system. You have the ability to “stack them” to provide far superior filtering capability than other French presses,

Kitchen Supreme french Press Is Easy To Use:

How easy is this coffee maker to use? Very easy, no complications.

As soon as you buy this French press and get it in your kitchen, in no time at all, you’ll be making a cup of coffee like a professional barista would. It doesn’t take any previous knowledge on coffee brewing – brewing your own cup of coffee with this Coffee press is real simple. Seriously, no rocket science needed here.

So how does it actually work?

You can use this as a ratio of water to coffee and adjust it for how much coffee you want to make:

15 parts water to 1 part coffee or 15:1 for instance, 450 grams water and 30 grams of coffee. Too complicated? How about this:

Use 1 tablespoon of coffee for every 4 ounces of water.

*We recommend NOT using ground coffee, because it is too fine and French presses are designed for coarse ground coffee.

Coffee beans are first ground very coarse, they need to be more coarse then you would use in a drip coffee machine. One of the very few ways you can mess up French drip coffee is to mess up the ground beans.

Water Should Be 200°f. This puts friends and family on notice, some will help, some will fall away. This action kept me clean many times in my first year. I played on my pride. The idea of admitting failure to everyone was horrifying. I just couldn’t do it again.

Helpful Tip: Water boils at 212°F. Wait one minute after pouring the boiling water into your mug and carafe to preheat. The water will lose enough heat so that you’ll be at the right temperature to brew coffee using your French press.
  • When the hot (200 degree f.) water is poured over them the water can absorb the flavor, aroma, and acids from the beans.
  • Stir gently until mixed. The filter and plunger assembly is replaced inside the carafe just to the point where it is touching the top of the coffee, Stop here (putting the plunger in contact with coffee while brewing will conserve heat.
  • Let it brew for 4 minutes, the rod is slowly pushed downwards into the carafe to separate the grounds from the coffee. The grounds are forced down and compacted on the bottom. The coffee is gently forced up through the filter, leaving you with a aroma rich pot of coffee.

Easy To Clean


  • Simply use a mild dish detergent if washing by hand.
  • You can easily wash it by hand or put it in a dishwasher on a normal cycle. It can handle the heat.
  • When it’s all said and done, this coffee press is easy to clean.
  • Several buyers commented on the ease of upkeep and clean up of this particular press.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

The Kitchen Supreme products are designed in the USA, and they are produced in China then undergo U.S inspections for quality. The company has high manufacturing standards as is evidenced by their guarantee. We really like how there’s a lifetime guarantee nesting behind this brewer.

This way, if anything goes wrong, we know that we can get a replacement free of charge (even filters). That goes even for the carafe. If it breaks, they’ll send you a new one.

With those thoughts in mind, we know we can comfortable purchase this product without having to worry about it breaking on us. The company states:

Kitchen Supreme is renowned for World Class customer service, thousands of happy customers and 100% Positive Seller Feedback on Amazon (over 8000 OUTSTANDING ratings). Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens to your Coffee Press, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs from your side.

Not Just For Hot Coffee – Cold Brews or Tea Too

With this French press, you can make a great cup of coffee, but that isn’t all it is good for. You can make many different beverages of your choice, like coffee, lemonade and tea. Honestly, this machine right here is made suitable for almost any drink that requires a brewer.

Recipe For Cold Brewed – Iced Coffee

It is ridiculously easy to make cold coffee with French press:

  • Add your favorite ground coffee and cold water, 7 cups of water to 1 cup of coffee.
  • Put on French press lid. Do NOT plunge yet.
  • Steep the coffee overnight in the fridge.
  • Plunge and serve the way you like.

You might want to think about adding some flavorings such as peppermint or, my favorite – coconut.

Pros & Cons Of The Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker

Most people really liked the idea of a complete bundle. When we opened the package the bundle had 2 spoons and extra filters. The filters were great, the spoons? I have them at home. A lot of people liked the styling of the carafe.

It is the quality of the materials that really seperate this French press from the pack. It uses German borosilicate glass. This is a specially tempered glass designed to maintain strength and structural integrity at high heat. Cornings PYREX baking dishes were made of this type of glass.

Also used in construction is premium stainless steel in the frame, lid and plunger that will not rust.

Enough of me running my mouth, lets see what other actual buyers reported, liked and disliked.

  • Quality construction materials.
  • Lifetime guarantee on ALL parts.
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Good value for budget price point.
  • Makes superior coffee.

Customer quotes:

  • “Highly recommend! The press by itself is incredibly nice, I’ve been looking for a press for a while, it met my needs better than anything else I’ve looked at & the extras are a great bonus! The filters are top quality & do their job well.”
  • “I have only had this French Press for a couple of days and have made coffee everyday with it. Best coffee I’ve ever had, hands down. The downside is that I may drink more coffee”
  • “I looked over the reviews and specifications of lots of coffee presses before deciding on this one. I’m very satisfied with this press, the main reason being is that it makes a great cup of coffee, and that is the most important thin”
  • “The price can’t be beat and this family-owned business has amazing customer service”

  • Capacity is 34 ounces ( about 1 liter) – when they say ‘8 cups’ they mean 8 – 4 ounce ‘standard’ cups of coffee, not 8 cups by measure which would be 64 ounces.
  • A few buyers had problems with the glass breaking. (The carafe would be replaced free, but it is a hassle)
  • The beaker can slip out of the handle when washing in soapy water.
  • A few complained because of a plastic component on the inner lid. That must be on old designs – my lid was 1 stainless steel unit

Customer Quotes:

  • “Sadly, after the month, the glass craked and I didn’t want to risk breaking it with further use. “
  • “Product works great however has cosmetic defects.”
  • “The metal on the outside of the glass is rusting since water gets trapped between the glass and the metal and it’s impossible to dry in between those spaces”

Some complaints I read appear to be resolved. One person complained of a lack of directions, mine came with a complete set. the plastic lid issue has been resolved “The only French Press with DOUBLE Stainless Steel encapsulated LID, PLASTIC FREE”. The carafe cracking, they may have used lower quality glass at one time but Borosilicate glass is as tough as it gets.

Check Out The Low Price

I buy all of my coffee gear on Amazon.  Since Amazon has thousands of sellers, I feel like I’m more likely to get the best price available.  You can check the current discounted Amazon price of this French Press here.  Just don’t delay your purchase too long because the price of this model fluctuates over time.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: French Press Coffee Maker.
  • Color: Glass – Stainless Steel.
  • Dimensions 7.1” wide x 6.1 Inches deep x 11.4 inches high.
  • Weight 1.8 lbs.
  • Capacity: 34 ounces


If you’re looking for a way to save time and money, while enjoying a nice cup of high-class coffee, then the Kitchen Supreme French Coffee Press is for you.

This coffee press is sturdy and reliable. Plus, in the kitchen, it’s not going to look bad because it is quite stylish. The extra durable high borosilicate glass is another big hit and can easily be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

If you don’t already have a kettle to boil water for your French Press, we recommend this Amazon Best Seller:

 Mueller Ultra Electric Kettle Fast Boiling Glass Tea, Coffee Pot 1.8L Cordless with LED Light Inside High Quality Borosilicate Glass BPA-Free

Coffee Lover’s Accessories:

Here are some gift ideas to help make your coffee experiences richer. We selected these gifts based on practicality and usefulness any coffee lover would appreciate.
 Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser, Silver – 1/2 Pound Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black Zoku Grey Iced Coffee Maker, Travel Mug – Hot Coffee In – Iced Coffee Out Cup Holder Desk Clip Silver – Durable, Portable, and Foldable!

1. Ground Coffee Dispenser. No need to measure every time.Designed to measure one tablespoon at a time, the dispenser can be used to place ground coffee directly into coffee makers or espresso machines. It is constructed to keep ground coffee fresh for maximum flavor, and the included base keeps counter tops clean of ground coffee spills. Holds up to half a pound of ground coffee. Click & Check it out here.

2. Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale An accurate scale is a must for precision coffee making and coffee bean roasting. This is a top seller. Precision Tare Button calculates the net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of any bowl or container.Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included) that automatically power-off after 2-minutes to preserve battery life. Click & Check it out here.

3. Grey Iced Coffee Maker – Travel Mug Pour hot coffee in – get iced coffee out. Make chilled iced coffee or tea in as little as 5 minutes, no ice needed and it works with any brewing method, including single cup machines, drip, and pour over methods 4 designer colors to choose from. Click & Check it out here

4. Portable Cup Holder With Clamp – Durable, Portable, and Foldable! This is not cheap plastic – it is aluminum with great clamping power. It fits many sizes of cups and appears safe and secure when holding a 32oz filled cup, a mug (up to 3″ in diameter), a thermos, a water bottle, or a soda can. Click & Check it out here. 

Bonus: One of our FAVORITE Recipes:


Maraschino Cherry Tree
(Serves: 1)


    • 1 cup Black coffee
    • 1 oz Amaretto
    • Whipped topping
    • Maraschino cherry


    • Fill coffee mug or cup with hot coffee.
    • Stir in Amaretto.
    • Top with pressurized dessert topping
    • Add cherry.
    • Serve with teaspoon.

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