What Is Specialty Instant Coffee? A Look at Sudden, Voila And Swift Instant Coffee

What is old is new again. There is now sudden reemergence of interest in specialty instant coffees both from a consumer’s point of view and from a Brewers and manufacturers point of view.

In this post we’re going to take a look at three emerging companies offering specialty instant coffee.

  • Sudden Coffee
  • Voila Coffee
  • Swift Cup Coffee (Mainstay)

Two of the three companies will be looking at operate on a gift box, monthly membership model. (The exception is Swift Specialty Instant Coffee.)

For the others, you sign up and they will AutoShip different coffees to you. Frankly, I wonder if they are doing themselves a disservice in that people might be less likely to sign up for a membership if they just want to try something out.

Personally, I am wondering if this is truly the emergence of a new product or a new marketing method.

They may have an uphill battle to fight in that traditional instant coffee is thought by many to be the worst type of coffee you could possibly drink. These companies are trying to take change that notion both in fact, and in public perception.

Generally, these coffees are brewed and then subjected to vacuum dehydration process. They argue that the dehydrated powder does not cook all the flavors out of the coffee in that it can retain even the most complex flavors.

While naturally I prefer the challenge of roasting my own beans, grinding them in making a bit of ritual out of my cup of coffee, there are a lot of people who don’t see it that way.

Some people view coffee as a necessary step of the day – get it done and get it done quick. These will probably appeal to people on the go. A serving can easily be slipped into a purse, pocket, or backpack. All are designed to be combined with a ounces of water. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

We will go into each of the three different companies offerings in each section of this post but first I’d like to present a really good overview video for you to take a look at.

What Is Specialty Instant Coffee?

The simplest answer is that it is free just dried coffee. The modern take that specialty instant coffee makers are using is that they are sourcing really good beans in partnership with growers and/or local roasters.

WARNING: specialty instant coffee is EXTREMELY expensive on a per cup basis. A mid-level subscription can cost $2-4 per cup! As a comparison, home roasted coffee is 25 cents a cup. But in this case, it will also damage the coffee maker. Don’t do it.


They are then brewing the beans into coffee and freeze-drying the result. Those trees dries crystals contained all the flavors necessary to be reconstituted into drinkable coffee.

Specialty coffee manufacturers are removing the hassle of sourcing the beans, fussing over water source and water temperature. One way of thinking about it is that it it’s instant coffee except that it’s made with a really good coffee beans.

Most instant coffee in a jar that is been around for a while, is made with poor quality robusta coffee beans and is brewed to death. The coffee is super over extracted.

A few years ago Starbucks introduced in instant coffee that was significantly better than the instant coffees combined a supermarket such as Folgers etc.
these specialty instant coffee manufacturers have just “kicked it up a notch” by using better beans and brewing it to a higher standard. What a concept.!lol. I wonder why nobody thought of it sooner.

Sudden Specialty Instant Coffee

Sudden coffee has, like other specialty instant coffee makers diverged from the traditional method of making instant coffee crystals. Their marketing presentation is also pretty slick. The crystals commented tube slightly larger and longer than a Chapstick.

They have developed their own proprietary process which states –

“Our secret method brews beans gently – like a pour-over! This lets us capture complex, fruity flavor notes without the bitterness instant coffee is known for. Other instant – brews at high temperature, turning coffee into pulp.”

Here is a link to Sudden Coffee

Discovery Box of 5 cups – $20.00 – $4.00 per cup
30 cups per month – $90.00 – $3.00 per cup

Voila Specialty instant Coffee

Voila coffee is sold through a subscription membership plan I like that he’s showcasing the origin and the roaster. When signing up for your subscription you can customize your taste preferences when you order.

I came across an entry in a forum by Kent – the founder of Voila he stated

“I get really excited about trying new coffees and roasters, so incorporating that into Voilà was really important to me.

Because the coffee is already extracted properly, there’s huge potential to have the transparency from farm to roaster to cup. That is why we are proud to display what coffee you are drinking on each pack.”

In the process of developing Voilà, I ended up creating my own proprietary brewing method. Brewing in batches is not only more consistent from cup to cup, but allows for a profile similar to drip/filter coffee.”

Voila Coffee Link

Here is a link to the roasters Voila works with: Click here

Coffee for 8 cups – $19.00 – $2.38 per cup
Coffee for 32 cups per month – $76.00 – $2.38 per cup


We hope you enjoyed this article. Our purpose was to inform you of a new trend in coffee production, the emerging specialty instant coffee market.

Is this for everyone? No, I don’t think so. Especially coffee aficionados who are into home roasting their own blends and exploring different beans of the world.

But instant specialty coffee does serve a niche of coffee drinkers. It can be of assistance to people on the go, want to try an alternative to K cups, campers, backpackers, preppers, and survivalists.

As with anything that comes to taste, it’s really something you need to check out for yourself. We hope you do.
Wishing you the best in your coffee adventures.

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