The Mysteries Of French Press Coffee Makers Revealed | Get A Great Cup Of Coffee

A French press coffee maker is one of least expensive, and easiest ways to make a great cup of coffee.

People Tend to like three things about French press coffee makers: French Press
Like all coffee makers, the essential function of a French press coffee maker is to force hot water through coffee grinds and make a good cup of coffee. Different types of coffee makers in one sense are simply different mechanisms of doing that.

  1. Better tasting coffee. However, each type of coffee maker and method of making coffee can produce a different tasting coffee, even though the same beans, grind, and measures are used. Taste and ease of use is a very personal and subjective matter. A lot of people who have tried a French press swear by them and would never go back to their old way of using coffee. This is something you simply must try for yourself.

2. Ease of Use.To make coffee in a French press coffee maker, you put hot water into the pot, add coarse ground coffee creating a coffee and water mixture.Let the coffee steep and brew for three or four minutes. Then you slowly push the plunger down and the grounds are “pressed” to the bottom of the pot. French press coffee can be very strong. The trick is to adjust your measurements of the coffee and make sure you’re using a course grind.
very strong. A little goes a long way.

3. They are economical. French presses are economical for two important reasons:The French press is low cost. The purchase price is lower than most automatic drip coffee makers. There are no complicated mechanisms, timers, or heating elements to add up the costs. They use less coffee. In general, people find themselves using less coffee in a French press versus an automatic drip coffee maker. Only coarse ground coffee is used in a French press. It takes less coffee to make a tablespoon of coarse ground versus fine ground that is used in other coffee makers.

Let’s take a look at how to brew coffee with a french press in this short video:

French Roast Coffee Recipe:

french roast coffee pressTools Needed:

  • Coffee Grinder (we recommend buur grinders, not blade grinders.
  • French Press Coffee maker.
  • Wood Spoon for stirring.
  • Kettle to heat water.
  • Scale or measuring spoon and cup.
  • Timer

Ingredients For french Press Coffee:

  • Roasted Whole Coffee Beans* –  (coarse ground).
  • Water –  195 – 202 degrees.
  • Sweetener and milk/cream – (if you are not a purist)

You can use this as a ratio of water to coffee and adjust it for how much coffee you want to make.

15 parts water to 1 part coffee or 15:1 for instance, 450 grams water and 30 grams of coffee.
Too complicated? How about this:
Use 1 tablespoon of coffee for every 4 ounces of water.

*We recommend NOT using ground coffee, because it is too fine

Method: We are going to go into quite a bit of detail here. Foe the simple version see the video in the previous section. To get ALL the goodies on making the BEST coffee, watch the video.  We will detail and had to the tips below the video.

French Press Coffee Making Tips

Now that you have the basics of how to make French press coffee – let’s kick it up a notch.

Let’s watch a really good video on tips for making great french press coffee. We’ll discuss it afterward.

  1. Use Great, Fresh Coffee Beans – no kidding, no B.S. NO exceptions. This is huge. Jump up and down and yell and scream ‘That’s it, no more’ at the top of your lungs. Sit down and have a gut wrenching cry. Whatever works for you to seal the deal inside you. Deep, deep inside your inner being in a place that nobody can touch. “I will not use cheap beans any more NO MATTER WHAT”. Engrave it in stone, build it with steel. ‘If not now when, If not you, who?’
  2. Use A Scale.– It is essential for accurate ,measurement and to be able to duplicate results.
  3. Use Fresh Ground Coffee. As soon as coffee is ground it starts to go stale, use it at once.
  4. Use The Right Grind. Different coffee makers require different grinds.
  5. Use Quality Water. This is important because you are preparing your mind to take action – laying the subconscious groundwork.
  6. Water Should Be 200°f. This puts friends and family on notice, some will help, some will fall away. This action kept me clean many times in my first year. I played on my pride. The idea of admitting failure to everyone was horrifying. I just couldn’t do it again.
Helpful Tip: Water boils at 212°F. Wait one minute after pouring the boiling water into your mug and carafe to preheat. The water will lose enough heat so that you’ll be at the right temperature to brew coffee using your French press.
  1.  Preheat Your Mug & The Press Carafe. Throw out the crack pipes, papers, your bong collection, your beer can collection and your works. You don’t need that stuff handy.
  2. Soak The Coffee. This is known as letting it bloom. Most people wet the grinds for 30-45 seconds before completing the brew.
  3. Take The Plunge. Slowly press the plunger down forcing it through the coffee ground and water mixture the water will flow up, the grounds will be pressed to the bottom.
  4. Pour The Coffee Pour all of the coffee out of the carafe. If you let it sit it will continue to brew and the coffee will be over extracted.
  5. Enjoy! 

What Parts Are In A French Press?

There are no complicated parts, electrical components (unless you want fancy, tricked out model), no hot plate. It is a simple plunger, filter and carafe. All that helps keep it simple and cheap.
 Espro P3 French press coffee makerThe parts of the French press coffee maker consist of:

  • Cylindrical beaker or carafe with a handle. The French press carafes are usually made of either specially made shock and heat resistant glass, or stainless steel or other metals. Stainless steel carafes are generally vacuum insulated to keep the coffee hotter, longer much like a thermos bottle.
  • Plunger mechanism. The plunger mechanism fits snugly inside the beaker carafe and has a filter in it. The coffee grounds in hot water are mixed together. The plunger starts in the up position and is manually “pressed” through the coffee slurry mixture. This puts hydraulic pressure on the mixture forcing the liquid up through the filter holes leaving the grounds at the bottom.
  • Filter screen. The filter screen sits between two metal plates that form the bottom of the plunger. Since the plunger fits snugly against the sides of the carafe, coffee will not leak around it as the plunger is depressed. The liquid coffee is forced through the filter and squeezes past it and up as the coffee grounds are compacted on the bottom of the container.

French Press For Traveling – Take It With You Conveniently

Although the French press for making coffee is not a new invention it has undergone a re purposed thing and a makeover in recent years. Manufacturers have finally realized that people who are fanatics about their coffee want to take it with them.

They have now incorporated the French press mechanism into travel mugs and thermoses. This makes it possible for people to take and make their own favorite coffee wherever they go. At work, you’re no longer the slave to automatic drip coffee that somebody else has made. If you’re on the road traveling, you never have to deal with those crummy hotel 1 cup coffee machines again.

Almost all of these travel mugs and thermoses are vacuum insulated so your coffee will stay hot and fresh longer.

Since you are probably a person who drinks coffee daily, doesn’t it make sense to truly enjoy your own favorite coffee wherever you are? Coffee has become an integral part of people’s days. Let’s be completely selfish and flat out state you deserve a good cup of coffee. It is one of life’s little pleasures. For a relatively small investment you can enjoy your own personal brew wherever you are.

Here are some French Press travel options:

The Stanley company has been around for over 150 years and make great thermoses. The Bodum family of French presses are best sellers and have legions of fans. The AeroPress is another top of the line press – we like having the whole kit in a handy dandy travel bag.

 Stanley Classic Vacuum Travel Press Mug – 16oz Bodum Tea and Coffee Press, Stainless Insulated Mug, 15 oz AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag

What Can Go Wrong With French Press Coffee? Troubleshooting

At any given time you can make a bad cup of coffee. Hopefully, that is the exception to the rule. The bad thing is when there is a consistency in the mistakes. Then it’s time to call out the troubleshooter.

Basically, there are only two ingredients in coffee, water and coffee. On the surface it would seem to be pretty difficult to screw up. One of the reasons, I firmly believe, automatic drip coffee makers are so popular is not because they make a great cup of coffee. The one thing they have going for them is they are dead simple to operate.

A French press is a little bit more complicated than that. So what’s tackle some common problems and provide the solutions to those problems.

My coffee is gritty or grainy. Chances are you are grinding your coffee too fine. Coffee is then escaping through the filter around the plunger to end up in the coffee are pouring into your cup. You REALLY, REALLY want to make sure your using a course grind. The ideal grind has the consistency of breadcrumbs or sea salt.

Ya Gotta Laugh: There was a newbie in a coffee forum who just didn’t get that the reason his coffee was no good despite everyone giving him the same advice. Finally one member said “Take the beans, put them in a sock and hit them a few times, THEN you will have coarse ground coffee.”

My coffee is too weak or too strong. It sounds like you’re eyeballing your coffee measurements. Or, you could be thinking about your other coffee makers and using the amount of coffee you would use the them. We weren’t kidding when we said it was necessary to measure your ingredients and stick to the ratio. We recommend a 15 to 1 ratio which provides a robust cup of coffee. If you prefer it a little milder try a 10 to 1 ratio. Ideally, you should be weighing the ingredients. If that’s not possible at least measure accurately. The second variable in coffee being too strong or too weak is the steep time. We recommend four minutes as a good average. We have seen times vary from 3 to 6 minutes.

My coffee is bitter or burnt tasting. You may be leaving your coffee in the French pressed after it’s done brewing. What happens then the brewing process continues to take place while it is in the carafe. The solution is to empty the carafe as soon as you’re done brewing. Try making the exact amount of coffee you really need.

There is a lot of sediment. It’s the grind.Chances are you are using to fine a grind of coffee. French press won’t work really well with pre-ground coffee. You really need to be doing grinding your own coffee with a burr grinder. A blade grinder produces inconsistently sized particles both fine and course.

Keep a little note paid or sticky note near your coffee machine. Just jot down the ratio, measurements or steep time when you make coffee. The idea here is that you do finally hit the perfect cup of coffee you and you know exactly what you did and you can duplicate it right.

It will take the guesswork out of brewing a great cup of coffee.

Here Are Some Budget Friendly French Press Coffee Makers:

Coffee Lover’s Accessories:

Here are some gift ideas to help make your coffee experiences richer. We selected these gifts based on practicality and usefulness any coffee lover would appreciate.

1. Ground Coffee Dispenser. No need to measure every time.Designed to measure one tablespoon at a time, the dispenser can be used to place ground coffee directly into coffee makers or espresso machines. It is constructed to keep ground coffee fresh for maximum flavor, and the included base keeps counter tops clean of ground coffee spills. Holds up to half a pound of ground coffee. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

2. Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale An accurate scale is a must for precision coffee making and coffee bean roasting. This is a top seller. Precision Tare Button calculates the net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of any bowl or container.Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included) that automatically power-off after 2-minutes to preserve battery life. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

3. Grey Iced Coffee Maker – Travel Mug Pour hot coffee in – get iced coffee out. Make chilled iced coffee or tea in as little as 5 minutes, no ice needed and it works with any brewing method, including single cup machines, drip, and pour over methods 4 designer colors to choose from. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

4. Portable Cup Holder With Clamp – Durable, Portable, and Foldable! This is not cheap plastic – it is aluminum with great clamping power. It fits many sizes of cups and appears safe and secure when holding a 32oz filled cup, a mug (up to 3″ in diameter), a thermos, a water bottle, or a soda can. Click & Check it out here. Image below.

 Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser, Silver – 1/2 Pound Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black Zoku Grey Iced Coffee Maker, Travel Mug – Hot Coffee In – Iced Coffee Out Cup Holder Desk Clip Silver – Durable, Portable, and Foldable!

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